Creative Fibre offers a wide variety of learning opportunities to its members. Among them are the Special Interest Groups for spinners, weavers, felters and tapestry weavers. Members of the groups are from throughout the country and are all affiliated to Creative Fibre. These groups give you the chance to share your fibre passion by way of newsletters, exchanging of samples, displays and exhibitions and many new friendships are made when the groups meet at festivals.

CREATIVE FIBRE SPINNERS   Convenor: Angela Daish
We are a network of spinners whose passion it is to explore the potential of fleece types, new products, to investigate existing accepted methods and to explore effect and classical yarns. We also act as a forum for problems and experiences and we share the joys of creating those special yarns that sing! A newsletter is produced three or four times each year. Members send samples of their spinning and information about how it was achieved and this is the base of the newsletter. We also have a challenge every 1-2 years which may involve spinning a different fibre or breed. The samples from challenges are mounted and displayed at national events, after which they are kept as a learning resource. We have recently started a yarn library where members spin a specific type of yarn from their stash and the results are then redistributed to those who participated. It costs just $10 to join our group and we welcome new members. Please contact me if you would like more information.


Creative Fibre members with an active interest in weaving can join the Cross Country Weavers (CCW) group. CCW is based in small groups. Each member works alone and sends samples by post. Each year, amongst the members of their group and the CCW Librarian, members swap 15cm x 15cm samples of either a set topic or one of their choice. Before long, you will have collected your own valuable resource. You will also have access to the librarian’s vast collection of samples for your own use, study days or work shops, and pay only the return postage. The group is fun, you develop your weaving skills and make new friends. Cost is $5.00/annum plus postage & stationery.

The CCW library is an extensive resource and any Creative Fibre can borrow from it. Please contact librarian Elaine Paton.


New Zealand Felters are an informal group who stay in touch with an occasional newsletter published via the blog which is updates regularly with anything relating to felt. We would like you to let us know of any activities that may be of interest to others who share a passion for felting. We can include information about your felting group and advertise workshops, retreats, fundraising activities and home based suppliers.




When the NZ Tapestry Network folded in 2011 there were a number of tapestry weavers who wished to continue as a network, so it was decided to form a new body very similar to that original network to enable weavers to continue to stay in touch with each other and receive newsletters, articles and possibly in future arrange for workshops from local and international artists. The Tapestry Network has now been formed and will come under the umbrella of Creative Fibre. If you have not received an inaugural newsletter and wish to become part of this new Network please contact Convenor Patricia Armour or Treasurer Heather Adlam. The annual Network subscription is $10.