The Mason Charitable Trust Scholarship

Objectives: To give a member of the Society the ability to extend their knowledge and push the boundaries of their capabilities and their design skills. The scholar chosen will be a person showing potential, not necessarily one who is already proficient.

The Mason Scholarship is awarded every second year, and as it was awarded this year (2013) we will advertise it again in the June and September 2014 magazine, to be awarded in 2015. Applications are usually received by the national President around mid November (2014). This will be confirmed before being advertised.

The scholarship will be awarded to

  • Help with education costs
  • And/or help with costs associated with travel to learn from other cultures.
  • And/or help with costs of learning from an entrepreneur who is working in an area of expertise

Application for Scholarship
The person applying for the scholarship has to:

  • Be a New Zealand member of Creative Fibre
  • Supply a Curriculum Vitae including a portfolio of work, containing photographic prints of recent work, and samples.
  • Provide a detailed plan of what her/his aims and objectives are in asking for a scholarship; how they intend to achieve these aims, and how she/he will measure whether she/he has achieved these aims.
  • Show why the method of study is important, and provide a resume of the person(s) she/he will be learning from, and why this person is appropriate for the teaching of the applicant.
  • Provide a list of expenses associated with the application.
  • Provide a timetable for when this scholarship will be taken up, and when and where an exhibit will be held.

Conditions of acceptance, all of which must be fulfilled

  • The recipient must exhibit at the end of this scholarship with the Mason Charitable Trust being highlighted as the sponsor of the scholarship. This exhibition to be held within a year of completion of the scholarship.
  • The recipient must give workshops or lectures at the festival following the completion of their study.
  • An article on the recipient’s study must be written for the Creative Fibre magazine.

The Society will assist with the preparation of applications in any way it is able. For further information contact the National President.

The Linen Trust Scholarship 2014

The Linen Trust was set up in the early days of our society as a result of the need to have access to quality linen yarn for weaving. Importation of linen yarn was strictly under import license control and it was very difficult to access the small quantities required by members.

Originally known as Linen Supplies the group was eventually able to purchase a license and the remaining stock of a local trader who was leaving the country. When import licensing was removed the trust was encouraged to continue its service to members as overseas suppliers were not happy to supply such small orders. In September 1980 Weaver’s Supplies made the greatly appreciated gift of the Linen Trust to the NZSWWS. Continuity of supply to our knitters and weavers of linen was always the aim of the trust. In April of 2006 it was decided that the Trust would cease selling linen as it was now readily available from other outlets. The trust had served its purpose. The linen trustees, in consultation with the Creative Fibre Executive, now offer a scholarship, to be awarded in alternate years, to encourage and promote the use of linen in weaving. The award of $2000 is to cover tuition for one week with a linen weaver of the applicant’s choice, travel and accommodation at a motel if necessary. Advice on suitable tutors will be given where necessary.

A recipient will be chosen from submissions received by the Creative Fibre Education Convenor three months prior to Festival in alternate years. Conditions:

  • The applicant must be a member of Creative Fibre and a New Zealand resident.
  • The applicant must present a portfolio of work, i.e. one A4 sized folder, this to include samples and documentation. Not all samples need be woven in linen, but a definite interest in linen weaving must be displayed.
  • The portfolio to be accompanied by a passage describing why the applicant wants to study linen weaving and what outcomes he / she wants to achieve during the study.
  • The judges decision to be final.
  • The award-winning portfolio is to be displayed at the festival or event following selection, and the award presented at the AGM.
  • Work woven by the recipient will be displayed at the following Festival.

The selectors for the award will include a member of the Linen Trust and the Creative Fibre Education Convenor. Applications by 1 February 2014 to the National President.

Creative Fibre Award for New Weavers 2014

In 2000 the Society received an anonymous donation from a member to institute an annual weaving award. The donor was concerned at the number of looms being offered for sale and wanted to encourage new weavers (who often get no further than learning the very basics) to keep weaving. Although this funding has run out Council feels that the award is important in promoting the development of weaving and voted that Creative Fibre will now fund this award annually. The Award is to be used for resources which may be equipment, yarns, books or further weaving education. The chosen recipient will receive $500. Conditions:

  • The entrant must be a New Zealand resident and a current Creative Fibre member. The entrant must present a portfolio/folder, to include a sampler or display piece and weaving records, showing a basic understanding of weaving theory. The form and amount of documentation presented is up to the applicant.
  • A New Weaver is defined as one who has moved beyond the basics, has been weaving for less than 2 years, and shows enthusiasm to extend his/her weaving skills.
  • The winning portfolio/folder is to be displayed at the following festival/event, and the award will be presented at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Tapestry weaving is not eligible.

There will be two selectors for the Award and their decision is final. Some or all of the tuition may have been given in a course or privately with a tutor. Tutors and course topics should be mentioned. For advice on presentation please contact the National President. Applications by 1 March 2014 to the National President.