Certificate in Tapestry Weaving for Beginners

Mentor:  Marilyn Rea-Menzies
Duration:  Approximately 6 months per certificate
Course fee per certificate:  $145.00 New Zealand member;  $165.00 Overseas member

Course Outline
Tapestry Weaving for Beginners is divided into three separate certificates so that you can complete the assignments for a certificate within a six month period.

Course Objectives
• encourage course participants to design and produce quality tapestries
• enable participants to study and practice the techniques involved in tapestry weaving in their own time and place
• provide participants with knowledge and practical skills to become confident in tapestry weaving
• pass on the tutor’s enthusiasm and passion for the craft

Course Contents
Each certificate comprises three modules. Stages I and II include a design element, practical preparation of the weaving frame, weaving techniques and how to finish and present your work. The Design certificate builds on Stages I and II and provides opportunities to show your confidence with and application of tapestry weaving techniques. Exercises for each module include:

Stage I
Module 1  Diagonal shapes, curves and lozenges
Module 2  Circles and half circles
Module 3  Hachures and hatching

Stage II
Module 4  Pick and pick, half passes
Module 5  Colour blending, tonal values, stripes
Module 6  Textures, soumak, ghiordes knot, rya, thick and thin yarns.

Module 1  Design using collage
Module 2  Design from drawings and paintings
Module 3  Follow your heart

Participants are expected to submit a sample for each module to demonstrate their understanding of each technique. A minimal amount of written work is also required.

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