Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand


  • One Warp: unlimited variations what every weaver dreams of, a method of varying the weaving on a twill draft to obtain up to 50 different effects
  • Colourful Overshot: multicolour weaving of an old favourite and bringing it right up to the present, for both 4 and 8 shafts and including original drafts
  • Colour in Weave: for 2, 4, 8 and 16 shafts taking a traditional pattern and bringing it alive with colour
  • Lace on Linen: how to weave a special piece of fabric and finish it off to exhibition standard
  • Mentoring for Beginners
  • Drafting
  • Design
  • Yarn information
  • Weaving
  • Finishing



Angela tutors feltmaking processes and design, from dyeing the materials through to samples exploring colour and design layering, to garment or art piece planning and making considerations. Her classes are limited to 10 people maximum, often fewer, and the content is adjusted to the participants and the time and space available. Her main fascination is the layering of colour and texture, and starting students on their own voyage of discovery and creative expression. She also stitches, and paints on layers of applied texture on canvas. She used to weave, and still spins for her own enjoyment and use! http://www.art2enjoy.co.nz shows cv and course information, and the work by her and her sister, and http://www.art2enjoy.blogspot.com shares the work of their students and tutoring activities as well.


  • Spinning
  • Weaving
  • Dyeing (wool, silk, cotton, including wax resist and other techniques)
  • Felt making: from wool to stitching and making, including nuno, hats and art pieces
  • Mixed media options

(Will travel to run classes)


Heartfelt Bernice Mitchell

I love working with wool and silk to create surprising and beautiful felt garments and accessories for women. Felt as a medium is so strong yet uniquely shape-able to create form without sewing. I enjoy using the creativity that God has placed within me to express the colours and textures of His creation into fashion art, which is both practical and fun for women to wear.

I also love to teach, to inspire and encourage others to explore their own creativity and develop their skills in felt making.

Having attended workshops both in NZ and overseas, run by NZ and International tutors covering a wide range of styles and techniques I feel competent to teach others how to make well-constructed, high quality felt garments and accessories.


  • Nuno Felt Waistcoats/Long Vests
  • Nuno Felt Tunic including Godets
  • Nuno Felt Tunic with Surface Embellishment Design
  • Nuno Felt Short or 3/4 Jacket
  • Nuno Felt & Eco Printed Scarves
  • 20″ Square workshop creating multiple accessories
  • Felt Accessories including Hats, Mitts, Brooches, Necklaces,
  • Shibori Felt Yoke/Necklace
  • Hot Water Bottle Cover or Tea Cosy
  • Felt Bag or Cushion Cover
  • Beginners Felt Class
  • Sheer Vest/Shawl with  Painted Silk Flowers
  • Wild Fibres Surface Textures Shawl Collar


Upper Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

It all started with a baby girl who kept me busy day and night, seeing a cute crochet hat for her I decided I’d like to make it myself. My husband’s grandmother showed me the basics and within days I was making up a hat.  A few weeks later I was given a book about Amigurumi crocheted soft toys and I fell madly in love with crochet, I’d found my creative outlet.  I kept being asked if I could share what I knew so  I gave teaching a shot.  Seeing others become equally excited by crochet is a lot of fun. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to base my teaching locally, as well as holding workshops at a variety of festivals and retreats.  I know it’s mean getting others addicted to crochet as they’ll never have an idle moment again, but hey, I need more friends to crochet with so I’ll happily keep sharing what I know. Available locally, nationally and internationally with custom or pre-designed classes:

  • Absolute Beginners Crochet
  • Beyond Absolute Beginners Crochet
  • Crochet Pattern and Chart Reading
  • Amigurumi Crocheted Toys
  • Crochet Socks

Find me on Facebook and Ravelry and feel free to send any questions or queries through.

Canterbury, New Zealand


  • Crochet from beginner to advanced
  • Tailoring to student’s required level
  • Working in rows, how to turn, seamless garments and bags
  • Making motifs – squares, rounds, hexagons, flowers, leaves paisley, spirals, ribbed leaves for freeforming
  • How to interpret patterns, UK and USA
  • Converting USA terminology to English terminology

I became involved with the felt medium 15 years ago after a long background of spinning and weaving. The ‘one-off’ nature of felting, together with the opportunity it offers for creative and innovative design and technique I found to be extremely addictive. I am particularly interested in the potential of felt to inject a new dimension in to high quality fashion garments and accessories.

Over the past 6 years, tutoring has played a major role in my life. Students love the instant rewards that felt offers – the surprise and excitement that they have created for themselves. In 2004 I opened a Felt Textile Gallery in Te Aroha where I have my studio and also run regular workshops. Since 2004 I have also been tutoring in Australia on a regular basis teaching beginners through to experienced felters. I enjoy the opportunity to share my knowledge and skills of felting and hope to continue to do so in the future both in New Zealand and further afield.


  • Feltmaking from the beginner to the more advanced plus designing, making, fitting and finishing felted garments.
  • A large moulded felted bag will be decorated with textured prefelts to create a very individual design.

1 Day Workshops
Felting Techniques & Tips

Two classes available – 1 for beginner felters and 1 for advanced felters
Students will create a Felt Dictionary which incorporates many different surface and 3D embellishments.

Moulding Techniques
Using the resist method of felting students will learn techniques which can lead them to create hats, bags, boots or sculptures.

Blend a Fabric
This is a very different way of layering colour, fabrics, yarns to create a very textured piece of fabric which can be used in a garment, accessory or wall hanging

Cobweb Felt Wrap and Flower
Students will learn to lay out 1 fine single layer of wool to create a luxurious wrap which will be fastened with a fun flower broach.

Felted Lattice Techniques
Students will learn a number of different styles of felted lattice to create a wrap or scarf.

Felted Pocket Bag
This involves straight techniques incorporating a number of different sized pockets to create a very useful decorative bag.

2 Day Workshops

  • Felted Mosaic Bags
  • Felted Flower Cushion, using 3D techniques students will create an amazing flower cushion


Te Awamutu, Waikato, New Zealand

In my early twenties, I was introduced to weaving in the Netherlands. It was ‘love at first sight’. I knew that one day, I would get back to weaving. In 1966 I came to New Zealand and married a sheep farmer. After some years of sharemilking in the Waikato we moved to a fairly isolated farm in the King Country with 4 young children.

Although life was busy, I had a strong need to do something for myself. Weaving was the obvious choice. I could do it at home, and was available when needed on the farm. There was an excellent weaver in my area, willing to teach me. I was very fortunate to participate in the last weaving course at the Nelson Polytechnic. I did 4 units by correspondence through ASTU to gain my Adult Teachers Certificate. With further workshops and courses, and gradually building up a good weaving library, I extended my knowledge.

I love working with colour and the loom is my tool to combine colours, making something beautiful. I have to work within restraints of the loom, and that also provides me with a challenge. A good knowledge of what can and can’t be done is essential in whatever one does. One has to know the basic ‘rules’, before trying to alter them, and ultimately play! Once the designing is done and the weaving starts, I enjoy the rhythm of weaving. I feel as if I am part of the loom, and the loom is part of me.


  • Weaving for All – Different Levels & Different Techniques
  • 2 x 4 = More Fun
  • Project Planning and Pattern Drafting


New Zealand


  • Continuous strand weaving
Ashburton, Canterbury, New Zealand

Shona Schofield is passionate about fibres and textiles. She enjoys many fibre related arts, dyeing, spinning and feltmaking. One reason for her business, Felt and Fibre which was started in 1999. Her biggest love is designing, producing and wearing her unique handmade felt creations. Attending many other tutors, from NZ and overseas, since she first joined Creative Fibre in 1991, Shona has developed techniques to create unique textiles.

Shona has exhibited her felt designs in fashion parades, shops and galleries in New Zealand and Australia. Winning many awards including twice winning the National Creative Fibre Fashion Parade Supreme Award. Shona feels she is always learning and loves to inspire others in the workshops tutors.

All aspects of feltmaking:

  • Beginners to Advanced
  • 3D, Bags, Hats
  • Surface Design
  • Nuno felt
  • Designer garments
  • Silk papermaking

I have been working with textiles for more than 30 years now, regularly exhibiting and teaching around New Zealand, and more recently in Australia, Britain and the United States. My work is held in private collections in New Zealand, Australia, Britain, America, and Japan, and has gained a number of national awards. In my stitched work, I combine a wide range of cloth, also paper, print and found objects, to convey an idea or feeling. Another passion is handmade books and journals. My books and textiles share a natural affinity, in material and concept, tactile experience, and use of visual language.


  • Surface Tension
  • Needle Felting Surfaces for Stitch
  • Make Your Mark
  • Where Do You Start?
  • Fabulous Fabric Covered Journal

See website for details, images, and information.

Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand


  • Spinning for beginners – suitablilty of fleece
  • Spinning and preparation equipment
  • Woollen and worsted yarns
Woodville, Tararua


  • Fleece Selection for Spinning
  • Introductory Spinning
  • Designer Spinning (advanced)
  • Colour in Spinning (exploring the use of dyes and handcarders)
  • Fibre Blending (for creative outcomes in spinning & felting)
  • Introductory Feltmaking
  • Knitfelt techniques
  • Advanced Feltmaking – various specialised focus areas eg Nuno feltmaking
  • Using silk on super fine felt
  • Edges in felt
  • Silk Paper making
  • Introductory Dyeing
  • Percentage & Multi Dyeing (advanced)
  • Design
Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand

Tutors in:

  • Indigo dyeing and Shibori
  • Shibori using Procion dyes



1984, spinning was her first love, turning the property fleeces into yarn, dyeing them, trying weaving, knitting always, crocheting for a change. Karen now creates beautifully tactile original felted works. She is passionate about colour, recycling. eco-dyeing, and sharing her knowledge.


  • Felting – basics and beyond
  • Felt making – hats and bags
  • Felt a nuno scarf with silk and merino
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