Devonport, Auckland

Silk historian, author of two books on the Secrets of Silk, lecturer on the history of silk, embroidery, silk producing countries, Silk Road, medieval spinners, dyers and weavers, fashion.


  • Spinning
  • Knitting
  • Designing
  • Lecture on Medieval History at Auckland University
  • Working with silk
  • Identification and care of silk fabrics
  • Lots of fun projects based around silk


Auckland, New Zealand 3.78 km

I have been working with textiles for more than 30 years now, regularly exhibiting and teaching around New Zealand, and more recently in Australia, Britain and the United States. My work is held in private collections in New Zealand, Australia, Britain, America, and Japan, and has gained a number of national awards. In my stitched work, I combine a wide range of cloth, also paper, print and found objects, to convey an idea or feeling. Another passion is handmade books and journals. My books and textiles share a natural affinity, in material and concept, tactile experience, and use of visual language.


  • Surface Tension
  • Needle Felting Surfaces for Stitch
  • Make Your Mark
  • Where Do You Start?
  • Fabulous Fabric Covered Journal

See website for details, images, and information.

Birkenhead, Auckland, New Zealand 6.41 km

I have been weaving for almost 30 years and knitting from the age of 4 – even longer! These days I am happiest when seated at a loom, although I still knit as a hobby. Some years ago I went to Unitec to complete a Diploma of Design in the then existing Craft School. The three years then extended to four and I emerged with a Design Degree eager to set up my own studio. I now split my time between weaving and teaching and love every minute.

I’ve been concentrating on weaving flat weave floor rugs for the last three or four years, but in the last year I’ve been playing around again with small pieces of fabric. I often weave on my 8-shaft jack loom in the morning and on the rug loom in the afternoon.


  • Design – 8 x 2 hour lessons OR 2 x 6 hour lessons
  • Drawing for Non Drawers
  • Drawing as a Springboard for Design
  • Using Abstraction to Help Design
Howick, Auckland, New Zealand 14.34 km


  • Beginner Weaving
  • Sewing Handwoven Fabrics: A ’round-the-table’ Discussion
Waiuku, Auckland, New Zealand 47.09 km


  • 1/2 Day Classes:
  1. Flax Weaving For Beginners
  2. Expanding Your Creative Response: Telling Your Own Story
  • Full Day Classes
  1. The Art Of Paper Making
  2. Tapestry By Design: Sharpen and Expand on Design Ideas
  3. Free Form Tapestry Weaving
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