Wellington, New Zealand

I learned to knit as a child and was lucky to attend a school that had rigid heddle box looms and really enjoyed weaving. I later learned to crochet, tatt and macramé but it was when my lounge suite needed recovering and I found NZSWWS in 1972 that my crafts flourished. I availed myself of many workshops to hone my skills in spinning, weaving and dyeing and made many lasting friendships. In the 1990’s I learned locker hooking, pine needle weaving, needle woven beadwork and embroidery, felting and latterly kumihimo Japanese braiding. It is now very gratifying to share the different facets of these skills in various workshops tailored to requests.


  • Bead weaving
  • Beginner Kumihimo
  • Crochet including Tunisian
  • Diagonal weaving
  • Dorset buttons
  • Felting including nuno and lace felt
  • Inkle Weaving
  • Knitting
  • Locker Hooking
  • Navajo and bead crochet
  • Needlewoven beadwork
  • Pine Needlework
  • Spinning
  • Weaving


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Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand 18.11 km


  • Hand knitting techniques
  • Lace knitting
  • Dorset buttons
  • Beginner spinning
  • The use of colour in knitting
Upper Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand 30.53 km

It all started with a baby girl who kept me busy day and night, seeing a cute crochet hat for her I decided I’d like to make it myself. My husband’s grandmother showed me the basics and within days I was making up a hat.  A few weeks later I was given a book about Amigurumi crocheted soft toys and I fell madly in love with crochet, I’d found my creative outlet.  I kept being asked if I could share what I knew so  I gave teaching a shot.  Seeing others become equally excited by crochet is a lot of fun. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to base my teaching locally, as well as holding workshops at a variety of festivals and retreats.  I know it’s mean getting others addicted to crochet as they’ll never have an idle moment again, but hey, I need more friends to crochet with so I’ll happily keep sharing what I know. Available locally, nationally and internationally with custom or pre-designed classes:

  • Absolute Beginners Crochet
  • Beyond Absolute Beginners Crochet
  • Crochet Pattern and Chart Reading
  • Amigurumi Crocheted Toys
  • Crochet Socks

Find me on Facebook and Ravelry and feel free to send any questions or queries through.

New Zealand 43.88 km
  • Art yarn spinning (creative spinning)
  • Dyeing
New Zealand 43.88 km


  • Knitting in all Directions — Knitting doesn’t have to start at the bottom and proceed straight up to the top.
  • Dimensional Knitting — Adding 3D features to the knitting eg bobbles, flaps and snakes
  • Beginning Entrelac Knitting
  • Exploring Entrelac Knitting — Follow on from the beginners class
  • Patchwork Knitting (aka Domino Knitting) Introducing the basics of patchwork or modular knitting. Mitred squares, joining as you go.
  • Tips and Tricks for Knitters – various techniques and tips. Can incorporate student requests for ‘how do I..?’
  • Mosaic Knitting – fair isle effect using one colour at a time.
  • Getting Edgy – easy edges/borders/trims
  • Finishing your knits – seams etc
  • Short rows – uses and techniques
  • Introduction to Lace Knitting – includes reading charts
  • Introduction to Double Knitting – single colour hollow tubes and two colour reversible knits
  • Introduction to Tunisian Crochet
New Zealand 43.88 km

Heartfelt Bernice Mitchell

I love working with wool and silk to create surprising and beautiful felt garments and accessories for women. Felt as a medium is so strong yet uniquely shape-able to create form without sewing. I enjoy using the creativity that God has placed within me to express the colours and textures of His creation into fashion art, which is both practical and fun for women to wear.

I also love to teach, to inspire and encourage others to explore their own creativity and develop their skills in felt making.

Having attended workshops both in NZ and overseas, run by NZ and International tutors covering a wide range of styles and techniques I feel competent to teach others how to make well-constructed, high quality felt garments and accessories.


  • Nuno Felt Waistcoats/Long Vests
  • Nuno Felt Tunic including Godets
  • Nuno Felt Tunic with Surface Embellishment Design
  • Nuno Felt Short or 3/4 Jacket
  • Nuno Felt & Eco Printed Scarves
  • 20″ Square workshop creating multiple accessories
  • Felt Accessories including Hats, Mitts, Brooches, Necklaces,
  • Shibori Felt Yoke/Necklace
  • Hot Water Bottle Cover or Tea Cosy
  • Felt Bag or Cushion Cover
  • Beginners Felt Class
  • Sheer Vest/Shawl with  Painted Silk Flowers
  • Wild Fibres Surface Textures Shawl Collar


New Zealand 43.88 km


  • Continuous strand weaving
New Zealand 43.88 km


  • Understanding basic weaving
  • Double weave
  • All levels of crochet
  • Learning to read crochet patterns
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