Creative Fibre National Education Event 2018

We are thrilled to be offering a wide variety of workshops – there is something for everyone. Classes will fill up quickly
so we encourage you to register early to avoid disappointment. If you have any questions about particular classes, please email us at  Please note: some workshops have a materials cost payable direct to the tutor.

Click here to download the full workshop schedule.

Pam Hovell, Australia
Natural Dyed Nuno Felted Top
FR01 Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 9am-4pm each day
Materials cost: $8
Three-day workshop making a textured nuno-felted top. This will be plain dyed using natural dye powders. Pam will supply the natural dye powders and necessary mordants.

Requirements: Click here to download the requirements list for this workshop.
Sabin Imhasly
Cobweb Scarf
FR04 Friday, 9am-4pm
Materials cost: $15-20
Level: Intermediate–advanced
Learn how to make a very light and drapable wet-felted cobweb scarf. Cobweb felting creates a beautiful and delicate lacy fabric. We will be using very fine Merino wool, silk and/or other fibres to create a one-of-a-kind scarf.
Raewyn Penrose
Basic Techniques in Felting Incorporating Textured Surface Embellishment
FR05 Friday, 9am-4pm
Materials cost: A kit will be provided at a cost of $45 and all equipment supplied
Students will have the opportunity to learn many different felting techniques which they can incorporate into larger pieces. We will actually make a series of samples which will introduce students to many different textural embellishments to enhance their feltmaking. This can be either done in the form of single samples or as a larger piece which will form a dictionary for future reference. Also tips to streamline your work will come up over the day.
Sabin Imhasly
Felted Jewellery
SA01 Saturday, 9am-4pm
Materials cost: $15-20
Level: Intermediate–advanced
Learn how to make well-fitting necklaces and rings. We will take inspiration form nature and create wet-felted jewellery in one piece. We will be using fine Merino wool, but other fibres/fabrics or embellishment can be integrated.
Raewyn Penrose
Basic Techniques in Felting Including 3D Embellishment
SA02 Saturday, 9am-4pm
Materials cost: A kit will be provided at a cost of $45 and all equipment supplied
This workshop can become an extension of day one or just a one-off day where students will learn to create 3D surface embellishment techniques which will give structure and depth to a flat piece of felt.
Requirements: Two towels.
Marilyn Rea-Menzies
Tapestry Weaving
FR02 Friday and Saturday, 9am-4pm each day
Materials cost: $10
This workshop is suitable for students who have never woven a tapestry but would like to experience this wonderful medium. You will create a simple design concept using coloured paper collage techniques and/or drawing to create a contemporary, brightly-coloured shaped or non-shaped form similar to the ones in the photograph. You will make a small cartoon from your design to go behind the warp threads as a guide for the weaving. You’ll be shown how to warp a tapestry frame loom, and learn some basic tapestry techniques throughout the weaving of your piece and how to do the finishings on the weaving once it is cut from the loom. The small weavings can be finished as a brooch or just mounted on a small canvas as an art work for the wall.

Day 1: Designing a brooch or pendant. The designs will be simple geometric patterns for ease of weaving and a modern, contemporary look to your brooch; discussion on yarns and colour choices etc; warp frame looms; start weaving.

Day 2: Continue weaving through the morning. The afternoon will be spent finishing the pieces to wearable status for you to take home.

Requirements: Small F clamp for clamping frames to table; scissors; glue stick; fine Sharpie pen; pencil; ruler; fine yarns in the colours you like to work with
Hilde Blank
Weaving with Art Yarn
FR06 Friday, 9am-4pm or
SA03 Saturday, 9am-4pm

Materials cost: You can bring your own yarns, but kits are available at $10. Please indicate if you wish to buy a kit.
Level: Suitable for all levels of weaving
Art yarn spinning is very popular, but people often do not know how to use their creations. Students will explore different ideas of how to use art yarn in weaving. You do not need a complex loom to create something stunning. Bring your simple frame, rigid heddle or four-shaft table loom, and I will show you a quick and easy warping method so you can start weaving in no time. Will it be an art piece, a scarf, or a cushion cover? It will be your choice.
Louise Cook
SAORI Weaving
FR07 Friday, 9am-4pm or
SA05 Saturday, 9am-4pm

Materials cost: $5 for a treasure bag
Discover the pleasure of weaving in your own style – no rules, and no mistakes. This is SAORI weaving, a Japanese form of creative, freestyle weaving. I will guide you and demonstrate various techniques that can be used in your weaving. Your ‘treasure pack’ will challenge you to use as many of the items as possible throughout the day. You will be encouraged to share your ideas. Each student creates their own unique piece of cloth. This can be a bag, table runner, muffler, or wall hanging. Be prepared to be bold and adventurous! SAORI weaving is very ‘catching’; it is relaxing, calming and fun. It is about colour, and texture. SAORI weaving is for anyone, anywhere. Try it!
Nynke Piebenga
Many Weaves On One Threading
FR08 Friday, 9am-4pm
Materials cost: No more than $3
Level: This workshop is intended for intermediate weavers.
Did you know that you can weave honeycomb on a huck threading, or weave summer and winter blocks on the same warp as twill blocks? The secret is in the lifting of the shafts. There will be three different techniques used in the class, and you get the opportunity to try the different ones. Hopefully you will go home understanding the possibilities that are open to you and confidently weave a waffle structure on a rosepath threading.
There will be some looms available for those arriving by plane, but allow time to dress the loom.
Bev Vellenoweth
Two Cornered Kete
FR09 Friday, 9am-4pm - CLASS FULL
SA07 Saturday 9am-4pm - CLASS FULL

Materials cost: $5 including notes
This course will cover preparation of harakeke (New Zealand flax) for the making of a kete. Natural and dyed harakeke will be supplied and you will make a two-cornered kete with a base plait, learning weaving techniques along the way. Handles will be either plaited with harakeke or muka (fibre from harakeke). I look forward to sharing my passion.
Requirements: Please bring an old towel
Sandra Brooks
Tablet Weaving
SA04 Saturday, 9am-4pm
Materials cost: $15, covers all materials required
The aim of this workshop is to introduce the participants to tablet weaving so that they are able to create simple tablet woven bands and, hopefully, develop a love for tablet weaving and the inspiration to explore this craft further. Participants will learn to set up the cards (tablets) for weaving and how to weave with them, how to read tablet weaving patterns, and ways of finishing a band. An introduction to designing your own tablet woven bands will also be included in the workshop.
Rene Corder Evans
Weaving With Magic Yarns
SA06 Saturday, 9am-4pm
This workshop explores some of the new, exciting and innovative yarns that are now available. The focus of the workshop is texture created by yarns rather than structure. Weaving on your own loom, you will use yarns like stainless steel with wool, silk or linen, fine wire, over-twisted and crepe yarns, S and Z spun yarns, yarns with lycra or elastic added, and thermoplastic yarns that create permanent pleats. Other innovative yarns will be discussed and sampled such as hanji and linen paper, reflective yarns and fibre optics. Suitable sett for each yarn and yarn suppliers will be discussed creating a complete reference for working with new and innovative yarns. Pre-warped loom required – information on how to warp your loom will be sent out two months prior to workshop.
Annette Montgomery
Spin to Knit Fairy Top
FR03 Friday and Saturday - two half days, 9am-12pm each day
Cost for notes: $3
This is a fun project that you can customise yourself. The original top is made of single strand yarns. Straight yarn for the sleeves and a mix of textured and straight for the bodice, with the odd cocoon and mohair locks. You may add in what you choose, eg beads, shells, felted bits, locks etc. We will talk about design,measuring and fit. The top is constructed in garter stitch. We will learn short rows; stretchy cast-on and cast-off; methods for adding in objects to our spinning; and cocoons for those that dare. We will learn to spin a stable single and set it. Because of the limited class time, for the sleeves we will use either four-ply millspun, or similar that you have spun earlier.

100-150g of four-ply yarn, or 150-200g of six-ply (high meterage or extra yarn for plus sizes)
100-150g of prepared fibre (roving/sliver/hand carded/hand combed). I recommend Polwarth but anything that felts nicely and has a good staple length is fine
100-150g (aprox) art batt or a basket of fun fibre to spin from.
Add-ins if you want to decorate your top – bells, beads, locks, felted bits
Knitting needles, 5mm–8mm
Darning needle
Spinning wheel or drop spindle
Lazy kate
Hand towel
The fibre amounts are inflated to allow for different sizes. The original top weighs 150g and fits a size 8–12. Note: no super wash fibre please. Super wash yarn is ok.
Isla Fabu
Drop Spindling Textured Yarns
FR13 Friday, 1-4pm
Materials cost: $15
Level: Anyone with basic spinning skills
Yes, you can spin “Art Yarns” on a spindle and it doesn't have to be bulky. Spindling gives you a lot of control over twist and speed, no orifice will stop you and you can take your spinning wherever you go. Learn about different spindles and how to use them for various effects (texture from art batts, rolags and fibre clouds, long draw and short draw, thick‘n thin, wrapping, locks and add ins, spiral plying).
Requirements: Drop spindle (if you don‘t have one, spindles will be available and for sale afterwards), some of your fibre stash.
Annette Montgomery
Into the Core
FR14 Friday, 1-4pm
A class designed to encourage people that have not tried core spinning before, but will cover all levels. Also a great class for learning to spin thicker yarns and how to make and use an art batt.We will start off learning a yarn I have designed called fake plying. This is going to be lots of fun spinning textured, bulky, balanced singles and experimenting with colour control.Then we will move onto how cores react, methods of twist control, setting, design and usage, including core threads/yarns to spin onto - what is their job and how to choose them. We will be covering basic fibre preparation for woollen and worsted spinning and how they can affect our art yarn, and different ways of using/loading the tools for different colour effects and how they affect our spinning.
Approx. 150g of mainly felting fibre (roving) in colours you like, plus a contrasting colour
Can contain washed/dyed locks, four inches or shorter for bulk
A little Angelina/fire star/coloured nylon if you have any or bring one completed art batt.
3–5g of silk – either sliver, hankies, waste forms – optional
Different fibres if you have them, eg Tencel, bamboo – optional
Core yarn, if you do not have any please let us know and Annette will bring some (she does not want anyone stressing over what is a core yarn). Cost: $3.
Suzy Brown
Designer Yarns and Textured Spinning
SA08 Saturday, 9am-4pm
Materials cost: $10
This full day workshop will guide you through a range of preparation and spinning techniques that you can use to create texture in your yarns, from gently textured to full on extreme! We will create texture by making textured fibre choices, as well as by using specific spinning and plying techniques to really make the yarns do what we want them to do. We will then look at ways of using these techniques in your yarn design to create deliberate yarns that express an idea, theme, or concept.
Requirements: Pretty much anything you have in your stashes – at least enough for about four yarns so half a kilo of mixed fibres – locks, roving, scraps of top, threads, add-ins, and anything you think might be fun to try.
Suzy Brown
Bulky Spinning
SU01 Sunday, 9am-12pm
Materials cost: $2
In this half day workshop we will work through a range of practical exercises to help you get your spinning back from fine to super bulky! We will work on producing some ‘traditional’ looking two ply yarns, only the extreme version of them, super chunky and squishy. Our goal is to create useable soft and lofty yarns of mega proportions, or at least, a lot bulkier than you would normally spin as ‘bulky’. We will also do several kind of plying for texture and effect.
Requirements: 400g of roving (preferably not combed top) or batts, of a medium fibre such as Corriedale. A strong, fine thread for plying.
Isla Fabu
Contrast and Balance for Eye-catching Designs
FR10 Friday, 9am-12pm
Materials cost: $15
Suitability: All welcome
Our eyes like contrast! Contrast creates a focus and focus attracts attention. Therefore every good design has a strong and clear focus. In this practical introduction you will experience what contrast and balance are, why they are so effective and how you can apply these two key design principles to any chosen medium, including photography. Through mini exercises we will play with shape, size, texture and colour as you create your own reference book. Requirements: Camera or phone for taking pictures, pen, stapler, glue, a selection from your fibre stash.
Alison Francis
Start Your Own Visual Diary
FR11 Friday, 9am-12pm or
FR15 Friday, 1-4pm

Have you ever wanted to keep a visual diary (or art journal)? Perhaps you’ve even bought a suitable book and then didn’t really know what to put in it, or how to get pleasure from using it. In this class, I will give you ideas and strategies so that you can not only use a visual diary, but also use it in a way that is most meaningful and useful for you. You will spend this time actually working in your diary, so you will go home with it well underway.

A visual diary. I recommend A4 size, hard back or wire bound
Small set of student grade watercolour paints; a mixing tray (this can be an ice cream container lid); medium size paint brush; a small container suitable for water
A range of pens and pencils – it doesn’t matter what they are. A mix of fine and thicker points is helpful, coloured and plain.
Roller ball type drawing pen
Glue stick
About five pieces of baking paper cut to A4 size
A few magazines that you can cut up – we can share these amongst the class
Some specific pictures of a subject you are interested in. These can be cut from magazines, printed off the internet, scanned or photocopied from books. This topic of interest needs to be a subject that appeals to you eg rockpools, or seedpods or old verandahs, or art deco jewellery - it’s your choice.
Shona Schofield
Exhibition or Runway Preparation - Inspiration, Design and Hints
SA11 Saturday, 1-4pm or
SU02 Sunday, 9am-12pm

Materials cost: $5 for a treasure bag
Inspiration, design and hints for national exhibition or runway entries – sources for inspiration and designs, how to create unique patterns. Lots of hints and tips for creating using a variety of techniques, to get the best finished product, ready for you to wear or display. What I will be including:
Sources for inspiration:
Web pages/blogs
Drawing your designs, ways anyone can draw
Pattern-making software, also a quick look at pattern drafting/draping, shrinkage patterns for felting
Easy patterns
Giving creations that extra pizazz or wow factor
Exhibition and runway entries
Cheryl Lyall
Freeform Crochet
FR12 Friday, 9am-12pm
Exploring different techniques and tools to open your creativity a little bit zen, a little bit mindful. Freeform crochet is about going with the flow and letting go.
Requirements: Confident crochet skills. Assorted crochet hooks, assorted yarns in colours and textures you love.
Cheryl Lyall
Tunisian Crochet
FR16 Friday, 1-4pm

Learn the basic techniques of Tunisian simple stitch, Tunisian knit stitch, Tunisian purl and Tunisian full stitch. We will make a Tunisian crochet dishcloth so you leave the workshop with something useful.
Requirements: Basic crochet skills. 50g ball of cotton suitable for dishcloth. 5mm Tunisian crochet hook.
Elaine Macgregor
Swing Knitting Fingerless Gloves
SA09 Saturday, 9am-12pm
Materials cost: $20
Using my hand dyed wool, create fingerless gloves knitting free-form using short rows to make your own unique pair of gloves.
Requirements: A pair of 4mm needles
Sharon Passau
Beginner Brioche
SA10 Saturday, 9am-12pm - CLASS FULL
SA13 Saturday, 1-4pm

Cost for notes: $2
Brioche stitch is a reversible pattern that makes lofty, stretchy fabric that is similar to 1x1 rib. It can be worked in one or two colours. Garments of all types can be made in this stitch from sweaters to hats, scarves and mittens. We will start with one colour to learn the stitch pattern, and move onto two colours in flat fabric, aiming to produce a cup warmer. You will need to be an intermediate knitter, able to knit, purl and rib.

20-30g of double-knitting wool in two contrasting colours
1 x 4-4.5mm circular needle, or 2 x 4-4.5mm double pointed needles
If you don't have the specific sizes, a size up or down will be fine.
Margaret May
Reading Lace and Cable Charts
SA12 Saturday, 1-4pm
Do you fall for a pattern and then realise it is in chart form only and think ‘Oh no!’? Well this workshop will demystify knitting charts and you will discover how much easier they make reading your knitting as you work your projects. You will never reach for a written only pattern again!
Four-ply or fingering yarn and 4.5mm needles and a cable needle.
Elaine Macgregor
Double-sided Hat
SU03 Sunday, 9am-12pm
We will be knitting our hats with two right sides using the magic loop, introducing extra colours.
2 x 50g balls of double-knit wool in different colours for each side
2 x small balls of contrasting wool
1 x 4mm circular knitting needle approx 70cm
Margaret May
Knitting Blocking and Adding Beads
SU04 Sunday, 9am-12pm
In this workshop we will look at how and why we block our work, with tips and techniques to make it part of finishing every project from now on. And, we will also create a sample swatch incorporating beads into our work and then block to show off our wonderful new skill.
Requirements: Four-ply or fingering yarn and a size .60 or .75 crochet hook and size 6 seed beads. I will have small crochet hooks and beads available for purchase if needed at the bead class – $5.00 for the hooks and $2.00 for size 6 beads. But participants can bring their own.
Isla Fabu
HoopYogini for Fibre Addicts
Saturday, 8am
Saturday, 4.30pm - THIS CLASS IS FULL


Do you find yourself sitting and creating for hours and you know you should get up and move your body, but there is this lack of inspiration? Let me invite you into the wonderful world of moving with a hoop and no, it‘s not limited to waist hooping. HoopYogini is an amazing holistic program integrating hula hooping, Hatha Yoga and mindfulness – yoga with a spin! It‘s inspiring, uplifting, relaxing, strengthening and especially great for shoulder, wrist and spine mobility.

Suitability: All age groups and body types, no previous hula hoop or yoga experience required. Hoops will be available, and for sale afterwards.