I have raw fleece I want to get processed / carded / spun
If you have raw fleece that you would like scoured and carded, and/or spun into yarn, contact one of these production mills as they can handle small quantities for the hobbyist.


How do I contact one of your groups?
See our Areas & Groups Directory.

How can I get a listing in your Advertisers’ Directory?
Use the Contact form to give us your information:

  1. Business Name
  2. Street Address (if you operate from home and don’t want to include your address, please just provide suburb and city for Google Maps
  3. Contact numbers (phone, fax, mobile)
  4. Email Address
  5. Website Address
  6. Your listing – this is the text of your advertisement
  7. Photos – once we get back in touch with you, you can reply to that email and attach up to 3 photos for inclusion in your listing. We’d highly recommend one of them be your logo.

I have a spinning wheel / loom / fibre / etc for sale. Can I advertise it to your members?
We don’t have a classified ads section, but you can join our Facebook page and advertise it there. You can also contact an Area Delegate to see about advertising options in their region.